Toronto Facilitator

Hi. My name is Rhyanne, I’m a sahm to my 2 children. I love music, being outside in the sun and water <3, cooking (as well as eating), learning and laughing.

With my first child I joined many online support groups, reading about ‘stash’ building, specific drinks, lactation supplements etc. Being mentioned so often it seemed a normal part of breastfeeding and to be expected. This changed after joining a Black centered, IBCLC led group. They set the standard (with quickness!) that I and my milk, are enough.

Between being in an evidence based group and having hands on midwives, I learned a lot about what could be helpful/hindering to my breastfeeding relationship. I’m in my 4th year of breastfeeding and even now, with my second child who fed completely different, that information is valuable. It is from these experiences that I became interested in lactation work.

Happy to be a facilitator here at Chocolate Milk Café, it’s an organization that truly feels made with love and seeing these spaces exist just for us is powerful. I’m excited to get to know group attendees and learn how we can tailor our meetings to your needs.

See you there x

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