Kansas City Facilitator

My name is Ramara Harris and I am the proud mother of two with the best of both worlds. I come to you with experience as a mother who knows what it feels like to be both defeated and triumphant.

I had my first child when I was 18 years old. At that time as a teen mom and a minority, breastfeeding is not something I grew up with. My mother, may she continue resting, supported me in the way she knew after witnessing the lack of resources within my community and lack of patience from the lactation consultant I was provided to guide me in successfully breastfeeding my child.

Fast forward to February 2021, my baby boy Dakota is born and my second chance to breastfeed is restored. Three weeks postpartum, I started feeling what I believed to be symptoms of COVID. After an ER visit, I learned I had Mastitis (infection in the breast) so I call my doctors office as instructed and I’m told “We don’t see patients for that.” At my six week checkup, I explain to my midwife all that I’ve been going through. She was appalled by the misinformation I was given because I should have absolutely been seen for the Mastitis, but only then did she tell me about Uzazi Village. It took an infection for me to be educated that there was a community of peers who looked like me that was ready and willing to provide support.

I joined the very next meeting when my son was eight weeks old. In that meeting alone, I was informed that I had an “oversupply” (a term I never heard), I should have been pumping on a schedule (something I was never told), and my flanges may not be sized correctly (something that made me realize why I may have stopped at two weeks 15 years prior). I even received tips on how to get baby directly on the breast even with an injured dominant hand. I have attended every meeting since April of 2021 and am proud to say that as of February 2022 I met my goal of 1 year exclusively breastfeeding with no desire to end. Our last latch will be just as beautiful as the first because of Chocolate Milk Cafe.

I am here now as an advocate to those with the desire but lack the resources. I want you to define your success and allow me the privilege to take the journey with you.

Visit Ramara and co-Facilitators at our Kansas City meetings

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