Greater Charlotte Facilitator

My name is Ashley, and I am a Bahamian native, wife, and the proud mother to a beautiful baby girl. I love music, the beach and spending time with my family. 

My passion for lactation started with the birth of my nieces and nephew. Being able to witness my sibling’s breastfeeding journey was beautiful and inspiring. I just knew that when it was my time it would be a walk in the park. Boy was I in for a surprise. I quickly learned that this was going to be a journey indeed. As we faced multiple challenges at the beginning of our journey, my desire to learn more about lactation grew. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share to help others.

Joining Chocolate Milk Café has not only provided me with the support that I needed as a new Mom but given me the space to do the same for others. I’m excited to be a facilitator and be a part of this community.

Visit Ashley and co-Facilitators at our Greater Charlotte meetings

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