National Chocolate Milk Day

September 27th is National Chocolate Milk Day!   link

Since September 27, 2020, Chocolate Milk Cafe has acknowledged National Chocolate Milk Day (September 27th), as a way to promote our work and fundraise for our organization. 

For the first 3 years, we participated in passive fundraising strategies through our social media accounts and email. We asked that during this day, our supporters donate in multiples of $9 as a way to highlight the day.

In 2023, we kicked off our first official virtual fundraising event along with our season of giving with a fundraising goal of $10,000 through our Fueled by Chocolate Milk fundraiser. This event also included raffle tickets for participants to win a few exclusive prizes.

As we continue to grow as an organization, we continue to amplify our mission and vision on this day and invite our community and supporters to contribute.


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9 Reasons to Donate to Chocolate Milk Café

9 Ways to Donate to Chocolate Milk Café

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