Executive Staff

Administration Team



Executive Director

As our Executive Director, Takisha (she/they) supervises the entire organization’s operations. You may find them sitting in on a training, recording an update in our Facebook group, sending an array of emails, or just checking in on the team. Her favorite task for CMC is developing partnerships with other organizations and building relationships that help strengthen the overall mission of the organization.

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Executive Administrator

Janell’s (she/her) role as Executive Administrator is to monitor chapter and membership activity. She is responsible for managing day to day operations for the entire organization and ensuring everything is where it needs to be. You can always find Janell in her IG stories and following up on CMC content.

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Elina Alston - MC



Meetings Coordinator

Elina’s (she/her) role has shifted to focus on supporting our chapters; ensuring their meeting information is front and center on our website. She also manages our email campaign reminders. Elina's curiosity and eagerness to learn and grow still motivates her to continue providing support on our grants management team.

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Leadership Development



Trainings Coordinator

LaShanda (she/her) brings the energy of utilizing our CMC space to build her “Black Girl Army”. As our Trainings Coordinator, her role is to provide guidance to those who show interest in joining our National Network and seek to bring our sacred space to their lactating communities. We’re moving closer and closer to a Black Lactation Support Army with each passing day.

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Wesley Hargrett



Wes (he/him) has been part of the CMC community in partnership through Baby Carriers Provided (BCP) since 2020. We have been happy for him to join us in sprucing up our graphics and logos. He has joined our national team on a more consistent basis to help guide us through our mission and vision.

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