Our meetings are moving to the 4th Sunday of the month starting February 26th!

Image of carrier meeting details

Get Carried Away with Chocolate Milk Café

We offer support and guidance for families of the African diaspora in need of assistance in carrying their children and learning how to feed and care for them in the process.

Our Carrier Community Support sessions are led by our organization’s Certified Facilitators who have a specific interest and knowledge in assisting members of our community in using baby carriers popularized in the United States.

There is a $5 donation to attend these virtual sessions.

During each session we will be featuring a carrier from carrier companies we have partnered with. We will also be raffling off carriers to attendees.


Wrap Up with Design by Geeks

Wrap Up - Half Buckle Meh Dai from Baby Hawk
Wearing a sleeping baby/toddler

Wrap Up with Joy and Joe Baby - Ring Sling
Wearing a sleeping baby/toddler

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