2023 Virtual Fundraiser recap

Fueled by Chocolate Milk


On Wednesday, September 27, 2023; Chocolate Milk Cafe National Inc held our first Virtual Fundraising event to kick off our Fueled by Chocolate Milk fundraiser while also celebrating National Chocolate Milk Day. This is a snippet of how we opened the space/conversation.

Janell, our Executive Admin does a quick introduction about who we are and our mission and vision.


During our 2023 Virtual Fundraiser, a few of our facilitators joined us to assist in highlighting our core programming.

Jasmine, one of our Chicago Facilitators, discusses our Peer led Lactation Support Group Meetings and our many locations.

Curious about becoming a facilitator? We have a snippet of what you can do.

Our form will be closed as of Oct.13, 2023. We will announce when we plan to re-open it.
There is currently a 3-6 month waiting period, as we wrap up 2023 and begin our planning for 2024.

Visit: chocolatemilkcafe.org/certified-facilitators

Takisha, our Executive Director, shares a little information about this gifting initiative for our families.

One of our recipients, Nikiah, shares her experience participating in this process.

Learn more by visiting: chocolatemilkcafe.org/chocolate-chips

LaShanda, our Trainings Coordinator and resident IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), walks through our Community Lactation Education; SPLASH Series.

Learn more: chocolatemilkcafe.org/splash



As we wrapped up September, we raised $1,803.17. Our highest total over the past 3 years of celebrating National Chocolate Milk Day!

Our fundraiser is still active until the end of the year. You can still donate to help us reach our $10,000 goal.

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